Container recertification

Container recertification

Container recertification

International shipment can be challenging for thousands of factors , one of the most important ones is to make sure that the containers are certified and complying with all the international standards for sea transportation, we make sure that your container will be shipped without complications.

At our parks, we do inspections and recertification of used or transformed shipping containers, contact us to know more.

Container Neutralization

Rcontainer depots can remove all the decals from the used containers and neutralized the units for you.

Neutralizing a shipping container is the process by which the container can no longer be identified and connected to the original shipping line or leasing company that owned it, apart of the logos , there are four main places to address when neutralizing a container by removing the prefix code such as:

  • Sides
  • Roof
  • Panel
  • Doors) , only first 4 letters are needed.

Container reparation

We can repair  your container at our parks for a very competitive price. Quick and efficient!

Shipping containers are used on harsh environments and expose to really rough conditions, therefore often the shipping containers return to the depots with damages, with our expert teams we can do the maintenance and reparation of your units, contact us for a budget price and orientation on the process.

Container painting

Your used container can look as new, select your color and we will paint the units for you.

Due to harsh environments , the steel of the shipping container often gets rusty and even a  container on a excellent shape can look not that good, also due to availability is hard to find the color that you want on your container fleet, Rcontainer depots can repaint the units for you, with our expertise and equipment  , we can pain your unit  quickly , fast and for a very reasonable price. Contact our team to know more.

Container  transformation

At our depots, we can transform the containers according to customer needs. Our customers can count with :

  • More then 10 years of experience on the international market
  • Dedicated team for every single project
  •  Yes attitude with the knowledge needed to be 100% safe
  • Solution provider
  • Contact our teams to lear more

Professional /Safety

Professional /Safety  – At Rcontainer , we take safety very seriously , we do have qualified teams to develop the customer projects according to high quality and safety standards.