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We have depots all over the world and can provide the container you need. We can provide transport from wherever you need. Look below, in our product categories or in our depot to see a selection of our products. If you dont find anything which meet your requirement – please contact us!



Our Group


Rcontainer Modul AS’s quality modules can be delivered as both steel and three modules where TEK10 requirements can be met for medium or permanent construction requirements. They can easily be assembled in length, width and height. The construction site can also reduces the cost of space.


Rcontainer Utleie AS has rental of all container and module products
All over Norway. With our comprehensive rental fleet, big and small needs are met with low prices, fast delivery and good products as well as a good one
Rental system that meets the customer’s needs.


Rcontainer AS supplies a large range of containers. We supply all sizes of shipping and warehouse containers, both used and new. The standard sizes for containers are 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 40, 45ft. Beyond this, Rcontainer also produces after-sales and delivering at home and abroad.

Rcontainer Trading AS

Rcontainer Trading AS is specialized on the shipping & offshore containers trading, with depots all over the world we can guarantee you a quick and efficient, solution for your needs, Rcontainer Trading have changed the purchasing experience on containers, with an unique approach to the business, we offer to our customers worldwide the highest services level on the industry, contact us to get your container today!


Rcontainer Solutions AS delivers an infinite amount of remodeling solutions
For our exciting customers. It is not a mission or challenge
Which is not resolved. From simple insulated containers to advanced
Subsea load carriers. No projects too small or too big.


At Rcontainer , customer service is our top priority, there is no small or big projects, we put our passion on every project, our YES attitude and highest service level have changed the container business in the last decade. Rcontainer  never settle for just ok , we exceed expectations !

Let us know your requirement, we will find the right solution for you!